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Natali Do (born August 6, 1986) Artist and photographer from the small Russian city of Kurgan, with a background in cinema, art, and fashion. Experienced in commercial and art photography, as well as videography, she uses her sensitivity with colors as a primary tool in extracting feelings out of her audience in all mediums.

Having graduated from the University of Modern Art of Moscow in 2009 she became interested in photography. In 2011 she held her first personal photo exhibition “Justine Marquis de Sade” in Moscow. She further diversified her artistic talent in photography working with fashion magazines, like “Numero”, “Vogue”, “Contributor” and others. 


For the last 3 years,  she has been acquiring an endless amount of inspiration while traveling through Asia, giving her the possibility to start her own personal project: “Naked Nature”. Photos about Nature, its infinite power, boundless love, and properly re-establishing humanity’s relationship with nature. “Upendo” (”Love”) A personal project where she is re-inspired to create paintings influenced by love and energy. 

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