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"N a k e d  N a t u r e"

We act mechanically. Do what we ought to. That, which is expected by our loved ones, friends and complete strangers. We try to materialise all the illusions, accumulated over the years of our lives. And this goes on every day, week, month, year - every life. We are asleep. We are oblivious. We know not who we are. We lose ourselves and we suffer.

I feel all of it myself. I'm asleep, but I do want to wake up. I want my feelings to be real, my actions to be real, my thoughts to be real. I want to be aware of and feel every moment. To be in this moment. To be in harmony with myself, my surroundings and nature.


Nature is our brilliant tutor, the infinite power and boundless love.

She does not pretend, does not try to please anybody, she uses no disguise. She is genuine. Sincere. Abundant diversity grown around unbreakable spine. As for us, our fears are many: we are afraid of being naked, of manifesting ourselves, of feeling ourselves – so full our minds are of grudge and suffering, shame and anger, ego and all things contrived. But all these emotions are not inherently ours, for we are all born chaste, we are all born naked. Society draws the lines and so we cover ourselves with more guises and cower behind more masks till we are ourselves no more. We are distracted from the truth of our being. Thus we are lost.


I will not discriminate white from black, right from wrong, good from evil. Such dualism halts and confines the flow whereas the color is in constant motion. The finer the shades of colors – the more subtle the vibrations and purer the energy. Its like music.


In my works I want to feel and convey this initial state of honesty and nudity. I want the spectators to feel it within them. To discard the masks and disguises. Its just like dipping into water - no matter freezing cold or burning hot - a birth anew.

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